Each jewelry item is as unique as you are thus the care they need will differ however, below are a few good rules to follow in order to keep your jewelry sparkling.


1. Have your jewelry professionally cleaned, checked, and polished by us at least every six months. Especially have your rings check twice a year to insure that their prongs are in good condition and your stones are not loose. We offer this service for free


2. Avoid wearing jewelry when working with harsh chemicals. Note that white gold has a rhodium plating on it and harsh chemicals can take this plating off.


3. Apply makeup, hairspray, and perfumes before putting on your jewelry. In general

put your jewelry on last and take it off first.


4. Keep gemstones out of extreme heat because this can cause stones to become discolored

and dry out which increases their chances of cracking.


5. To clean diamonds and other gemstones use a soft bristled toothbrush and warm soapy water. Submerge

                    the jewelry item in the water and let its soak for a few minutes. Next, remove the item  from

                    the water and gently scrub off the dirt build up. Afterwards make sure you have rinsed off all

                    of the soap and completely dried off your jewelry item.  Additionally, you can always pick

                    up some of our G. Thomas' jewelry cleaner which is a little more aggressive on dirt than soap

                    and water.


6. For pearl rings and earrings do not expose them to large amounts of liquids as this can loosen their epoxy and the pearl could fall off of its post. On the reverse side do not overexpose pearls to heat as this will cause it to dry out and potentially crack.


7. If any of your jewelry is damaged, loose, or bent avoid wearing until we can inspect your jewelry items  and ensure that they are not at risk of breaking further.

How should I take care of my precious metal jewelry?


What are the differences between alternative metals and precious metals?

There are many benefits to both alternative metals and precious metals and in the end the best type of metal is the one that fits your needs. Gold and platinum are considered precious metals and are generally more expensive than the alternative metals bands. However, unlike the alternative metals, gold and platinum will hold their value and can potentially increase in value over time. The alternative metals each have distinct characteristic such as durable, scratch resistance, and the ability to break away. Below you can find out more specific facts about each type of metal.

What are the four C's when shopping for diamonds?

Clarity- Since diamonds are not lab created almost all diamonds have some sort of "birthmark" or small blemishes within them. These blemishes are called inclusions and they determine a diamond's clarity grade. All inclusions look differently and it is recommended that you compare diamonds side by side to truly see the differences in clarity.






Cut-Cut refers to a diamond's shape (e.g. round, oval, pear, etc.) and a diamond's proportions (symmetry and polish).  It is extremely difficult to analyze and grade a diamond's cut. When cutting diamonds their are three primary  effects on appearance, they are brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Brilliance is defined as the brightness caused by reflections of white light on the surface of the diamond and the inside of the diamond. Fire is explained as when the light hits a diamond and the visible color spectrum can be seen, this is usually seen in bursts of colors. Lastly, scintillation is described as the contradiction of light and dark bursts or sparkles as the lighting is shifted.






Color- Diamonds can come in several different colors such as blue, yellow, and pink, however the most common diamond is the white. When grading a white diamond color plays an important role because it is usually the

most noticeable, especially if mounted next to other diamonds of different color grades.  The color grading scale

for diamonds starts at D and is described as colorless.






Carat- Diamonds are weighted in carats however many people believe that is a unit of size rather than weight. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams which is about the weight of a toothpick. Usually, the price of a diamond increases as the carat weight increases however this is only true if the color, cut, and clarity grades are constant. Since a carat is a measurement of weight some diamonds can appear to be similar in size when evaluating them from the top but their carat weight can actually vary.

When you begin searching for an engagement rings there seems to be so many options and so many decisions to make such as what type of metal, what size, clarity, and cut of stone, and not to mention the wide variety of mounting styles.  The list of questions can go on and on so we suggest looking around and seeing what the market has to offer. Once you have an ideas of what styles you are looking for, the process becomes much simpler. We offer a two part process, where you first select the mounting of your choice and then the center stone. When selecting a center stone we will bring in three to four different stones in your price range that you can evaluate as far as clarity, cut, carat, and color to insure it is the perfect fit. Once selected, we will mount your stone, size your ring, and engrave it free of charge. The only question left is the one you will be asking your soon to be fiancée.

Where do I start when searching for an engagement ring?

What birthstones are connected to which months?

What is the difference between shopping at a small business rather than at a chain store?

Below are several advantages to shopping local. However, in the end it comes down to the consumer and the products and services they receive. We are committed to satisfying our customer's needs and giving them quality customer service. As a small business where else would we be if it wasn't for the support from our outstanding customers!


             Reasons to Shop Local:

      • Studies have shown that when you buy from a locally owned business more of your money stays local.
      • Local business owners donate and help support non-profit organizations within your           community.
      • Local businesses are unique and are a integral part of your community's identity.
      • Local businesses make up a large portion of the job market nationally and in your             community.
      • Local businesses employ staff with better understanding of their products, therefor they will have more helpful customer service and take more time to get to know customers.
      • Local business owners are community members, thus, they are more likely to invest in your community's future.

What discounts and financing are available at your store?

Year round discounts:

  • Student Discount-
    • This discount includes 20% off all items in stock.
  • Military Discount-
    • This discount includes 20% off all items in stock.

Seasonal discounts:

  •  G. Thomas Wish List
    • If you fill out a G. Thomas Wish List you will receive a special holiday discount for any in stock items.  Each year's discounts are different, so stop in today or follow us on social media to find out this year's specials. Coupons must be redeemed prior to December 25th of that year. Information required for a wish list form includes your name, mailing address, email address, and the list of items you love most at G. Thomas.