At G. Thomas we strive to keep relations with our customers. Our goal is to keep our loyal customers happy and continuously falling in love with their jewelry. How we accomplish this is by working our hardest to keep your jewelry items sparkling. With our full service bench we are able to repair, size, and polish any of your jewelry items as quickly as possible because we understand what it is like to be without your most cherished pieces. Below are some of our popular services, if your jewelry needs are not listed here please contact us to see if we can accomplish your jewelry requests.

  • Clean, inspect, and polish jewelry free of charge
  • Repair or shorten broken or tangled chains
  • Size rings up and down
  • Remount stones into other settings
  • Rebuilding prongs on rings and pendants
  • Tack multiple rings together
  • Replace watch batteries
  • Size/replace watch bands
  • Compose and print formal appraisal paperwork
  • Design and create custom jewelry